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We've been serving Madison County, AL and Lincoln County, TN for over 12 years.

We help ensure the safety of your home and loved ones. All too often, homeowners appreciate the benefits of a warm, crackling fire in the winter months, but fail to appreciate the importance of regular chimney cleaning. This neglect can be extremely dangerous as it allows soot and creosote to accumulate. Such conditions increase the potential for hazardous chimney fires. 

An unsafe chimney puts your home and your family at risk!  A lot of work goes into cleaning and maintaining your chimney. Brushes, rods, chemicals—these are just a few tools that will help to get the job done when the chimney requires a little bit of extra TLC. Nothing’s better than a certified chimney sweep when you want to ensure the best possible results.  Call us today at (256) 479-1912 for a service appointment.

We are based in Hazel Green, AL, but we service all of the surrounding areas including Huntsville and Fayetteville.

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Why is cleaning important?

It might sound simple, but chimney sweeping is a detailed process that requires an expert’s care to be done right, and it’s key to keeping your chimney functioning and your home and family safe.

Whenever you use your fireplace or stove, your chimney is working to keep harmful substances that result from burning fuel — gases, smoke, particles, minerals and more — safely contained and then removed. But over time, debris and creosote (the residue that results from those byproducts moving up your chimney) builds up and can lead to blockages and fires. A trained chimney sweep will thoroughly and safely remove debris and creosote, allowing your chimney to do its job properly.

Chimney sweeping is an affordable and important part of preventative maintenance that can keep you safe and, in the long term, save you money.

Regularly-used chimneys should be cleaned and inspected annually, but even rarely-used chimneys should be inspected and swept to ensure that they’re working properly and safely.